Long time in the baking!

It's crazy to think that Sugarboo was only born 3 months ago this week! Physically that is...

The actual concept and passion has been a long time in the making (huh, hum or should that be in the baking).

The Covid lockdown changed THE world and our individual worlds in so many different ways and for many of us created unexpected opportunities. Sugarboo was such an opportunity and I will be eternally grateful for it and the lovely customers it has allowed us to bake for. The support has been truly amazing.

It's certainly been a manic whirlwind of recipe trialling, setting up, prepping, baking, packing, delivering, developing and adapting, and adapting...and adapting!

We have a long, long way to go and so many ideas yet to be unleashed on the Sugarboo world - but we are so very excited for the future.

Hope you have enjoyed our journey so far...

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